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14/7/2010 2:31:29 PM Martin Wessels I don't know if you will receive this. i would love to talk to you in person. i know you are an very busy man. i know you will find what i have to say very interesting. So one day when you have a couple of minutes to talk to normal man on the street i am that man Martin Wesels 076 250 9558. i would like to thank you for a great worldcup and the good work you are doing in this country
14/7/2010 1:26:20 PM Pat Stevens Concer
I agree most wholeheartedly with you, the world cup was a stunning success and has done much good for South Africa, those like yourself who were optimistic have been vindicated while poor old Gatsheni made a huge poepel of himself.

Your inference that I am getting too much coverage just because the new webbie is my son-in-law, is utter balderdash and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves, the coverage I receive is only fair when you consider that I am recognised as the Shakespeare of South Africa.

Just joking Lekua, I'll calm down a bit now that the World Cup is over.

14/7/2010 10:58:03 AM Lekua POINT OF ORDER WEBMASTER!

I really miss Ranjeni Munusamy for the simple reason that this erstwhile revolutionary website is fast turning into a bore. It seems as if the webmaster does not read the postings and just allows them through without any scrutiny and editing. Please do something before this site is hijacked.

If my memory serves me well, this site was meant to give political and financial support to comrade JZ in his time of need. Granted, things have since changed for the better though comrade JZ still needs our support.

However, I find it unacceptable that Pat Stevens is allowed to monopolize space with his otherwise well-written articles. The site has become his own rather than about JZ with his name all over the “Message of Support” page. Lately, the comrade has been tempted to profile himself in a conceited manner, much to the chagrin of readers like myself. It’s not all about him but rather about comrade JZ.

Since the webmaster has failed to do his job, I call on comrade Pat Stevens to take my advice in good spirit resist the temptation to use this site for free marketing and publicity. I do so at the great risk of being considered envious or triggering negative reaction. But then again somebody has to do it.


13/7/2010 8:06:56 PM Concer Pat

The association football world cup is over. Whilst things are going back to normal, South Africa has been praised for hosting a successful world cup. Chances are that South Africa might never be the same in the eyes of investors, and we as South Africa should therefore seize this opportunity by remaining united, because in unity there is something precious.

In unity there is prosperity
In unity there is love
In unity there is sense of belonging
And most importantly, in unity there is PEACE

Let us all remain united for the sake of our democracy and future, without a worry of who receives credit for an accomplishment. Those who are charged with governance in whatever institution they are, should continue to lead us with excellence by making sound and ethical decisions - because one way or the other we are affected by their decisions. We need to plan and plan before we execute decisions.

Whether you are an owner of a spaza shop in a location or a group executive in a conglomerate the decision you make will eventually have an effect on everybody’s life- because of the interconnectedness of elements making up the whole system. Situational analyses by those charged with governance (but within their mandate) in order to produce well informed strategic plans and annual performance plans linked to a budget- within an approved broader framework should be the order of the day, as we try to strengthen each and every pillar of our democracy, for the greater good of the nation without prejudice.

May God bless you all, especially those who cannot be deterred and whose spirit is ever roaring. Grace to you all and peace from God.

13/7/2010 7:45:32 PM Neo Pan Africanist Some people have been asking what happens after the world cup. Well here is the direction of the two diverging roards here and now. Asivoti majita asivoti, after the world cup asivoti. Singavotini majita. Futhi singa jindi majita.

The economic struggle begins now. Don't be distracted. No blind loyalty to any leader or to any political party for that matter. What matters now is whether this democracy works for you as an individual or not.Don't tell me about some political party , what it may or may not have achieved for what excuses. Stop feeding deceitful politician with your vote. Singa voti majita till we see the change which we want.

Hand in hand we shall overcome!

13/7/2010 5:06:42 PM Pat Stevens Hi Pat,
I am afraid that we have decided after much reading that Ms De Lille will be unable to do what you have requested. It's not that we have not enjoyed what we have read - far from it! However, considering that it is unusual for one to write a forward for a work of fiction and that yours is also quite close to home, what with Ms De Lille actually being in politics, she has decided against it. If it was a work of non-fiction, perhaps her decision would have been different.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Steven Otter
Spokesperson for Patricia de Lille
Independent Democrats

Hi Steve,
I completely understand your position, with hindsight it was a bit a crazy expecting Patricia to write a forward for my novel, but it would help tremendously if Patricia wore the Hero of the Struggle T-Shirt I have posted to her.
Yours in hope
Pat Stevens

13/7/2010 3:22:41 PM AK @ Pat Stevens and Gatsheni ka Gatsheni

I have two sources of wisdom that I would like to draw from, in fact three.

As little boys, back in that African farm I so passionately wrote about, there was a youngster, Bheka Makhubu the same age as I. He used to boss me around until just on one silly day I decided enough was enough. I moerd the shit out of him and from that day we became the best of friends. I have learnt he passed away about five years ago.God have mercy on his soul

On that same note of friendship after fights. There was another one, Simptom Ndlovu. Again on another silly day- unfortunately for me- I sought him out from where he was playing peacefully with bhobho. I had told the rest of the herd boys that I could moer him. Little did I know, as we say in Zulu,” I had not from the sun yet.”
Pat if there is anything called “beating the kak out of a man”, it was that one. He nearly killed me. Nearer home, some of my best friends are from the friends of democracy. After a long and bitter fight, people usually settle down to realizing that it was all in vain.

From the Bible, those who were violently opposed o Christianity are today referred to as saints, like the great St. Paul.

Gatsheni and I will sit under an African tree and remind each other of the bitter fights and insults we have been “pelting” each other with. The funny thing is that we are fighting about Msholozi, who does not even know there is such an animal called AK or Gatsheni. Pat, that is the futility of all these fights. At times we get so worked up and fail to realize we are still brothers after all.
Gatsheni, I have been invited to the Cope Elective conference, I hope to meet you there. So firm is my faith in the ANC, the saying that I must not mix with rotten apples does not apply to me. LoL

I think I should seriously consider writing a book about that little farm in Dannhauser

13/7/2010 12:24:50 PM Pat Stevens AK and Gatsheni

I’m tired of you two pussy footing around like simpering herd boys, why don’t you settle it like men, fighting sticks at dawn on some lonely hillside. Only joking chaps, do you remember the babbelas I warned about after the World Cup, well it is now upon us. It won’t be very long before the South Africans get back to their whining ways, and believe me they have plenty to whine about, so nobody is going to kick you off the site Gatsheni.

12/7/2010 5:08:18 PM AK Gatsheni ka gatsheni,, Your response has really brought me down. I think I was a bit too harsh on you. my apologies Gatsheni
11/7/2010 3:11:12 PM Gatsheni Gatsheni Okay AK,

You say I am doing nothing to stop the rot.

For starters, I am writing about on blogs such as these with the intention of raising an awareness that as long as we elect compromised leaders, we shall not solve the problems associated with corruption and poor delivery.

The problem is that the defenders of mediocrity attack those who speak the truth because they would have us believe the problems of our country lie elsewhere. Some of us are not easily duped and the truth shall always stand as the perpetrators of Apartheid evil now know fully well.

I am telling the truth and you and your poetry know it very well. I WILL NEVER BE SILENCED (except maybe by Webbie if s/he decides not to publish my gripes).

Have a nice day and thanks for the wonderful poem.

11/7/2010 2:13:42 PM Pat Stevens THANK YOU WORLD

There is no doubt that the success of the 2010 Football World Cup, must be largely credited to the unwavering faith shown by the press and general public, check the newspapers and blogs and you will not find a single sceptic. “Yes we did!” are the triumphant titles of the columnists columns, and the public are patting themselves till their backs are sore at having got it so right, like in 1994 it was this staunch faith in the ability of their nation that pulled South Africa through. Everybody scoffed at the suggestions that the stadiums would not be ready, the scare stories of knife-proof vests and terrorist attacks were laughed at, and I challenge you to find a single South African who doubted that Bafana Bafana would perform credibly. The South African government must seize on this patriotism shown by the people, and use it as a springboard to build for the future, and they best do it quickly before the patriotism again ebbs away.

Now that the World Cup has ended the normal courts will be integrated with the Special Courts, but the operational system of all courts must replicate that of the Special Courts, these courts proved that it is possible to implement swift justice. The sentencing was severe but fair and the message quickly got through to the criminals, that this was not a good time to mess with the law, let the criminals know that this severity of law is here to stay in perpetuity. The duty of the press is to identify and glare the spotlight on criminal friendly judges, under the constitution everybody is equal and there is no exception for judges, if a judge releases a criminal and a citizen is harmed the judge must be charged with criminal negligence. The time for pussy footing is over, I have pointed out before that this is not some philosophical game we are playing, given the rampant crime in South Africa it is literally a matter of life or death.

It strikes me as strange that in a country staggering under a criminal onslaught, judges appear terrified of violating a criminals rights, and would rather err on the side of tolerance than on the side of severity. Daily you read of public outrage at the lenience of judges, but I cannot recall a single public outcry at the severity of sentence, in this regard judges seem to be out of step with the general populace. What is the law then, an incomprehensible esoteric concept known only to the privileged few, or a system of social control that is trusted and therefore adhered to by the public. It’s obvious that this situation has arisen as a backlash to the draconian laws imposed in the past, but the judges job is not to counterbalance past injustices, the judges job is to let the criminal know that the law has razor sharp teeth so it is wise to walk in fear of the law.

The South African police and the justice system handled themselves superbly during the World Cup, and the country must rise in rapturous applause for their efforts, but we must also remind them that this vigilance must be maintained in the future. Another major contributing factor to the low incidence of crime, was the generally good behaviour of the overseas and local fans, and another vote of grateful thanks must be rendered in this regard. In the run-up to the cup there was such an outpouring of dire warnings about the severity of South African crime, that the visitors tended to be on their guard and not as boisterous as they might normally be, so there is another valuable lesson to be learned here. If the citizenry tend to behave themselves it is easier to keep crime under control, I refer specifically to the talk of coming xenophobic attacks, and would warn those planning these attacks that the police are primed and ready for them.

Never before have the South African police been better placed to handle a xenophobic outbreak, they have put systems in place for the World Cup that will serve handily to quell any outbreak, the Special Courts are still there and are eager to judge those who promote social upheaval. The justice will be swift and it will be harsh, those seeking to disrupt society for dubious political agendas, will be removed from society for lengthy periods of time. I have a certain sympathy for the irritation of South Africans at the influx of foreign refugees, and the high profile crimes committed by these people exacerbates the situation, I refer to the Zimbabweans who robbed the Portuguese journalists and the Mozambican who beat a baby until she was blind. To make matters worse the Mozambican then fled back home and South Africa was unable to extradite him, as the country does not have an extradition treaty in place with Mozambique, this is pitifully inadequate and must be immediately remedied.

I too feel a deep anger when I read such reports in the newspapers, but I also know that the overwhelming majority of foreign refugees, are just poor souls who had no other option but to flee the disaster of their own countries. South Africa has just set a shining example to the world of friendliness to foreigners, are we now going to blight this by mindless violence against those who came to us for shelter, that is not the way a decent Christian people behave. I understand your anger, but do not take it out against the poor and defenceless, why not direct it against the man who is responsible for the sordid mess. His name is Robert Mugabe and he will be at the World Cup Final, I want you to carefully note the behaviour of the other world leaders around him, any who dare shake his hand you can put right on top of your hate list.


"If Paul gets it wrong tomorrow, nothing is going to happen to him, to Paul," said Sea Life's Tanja Munzig. "Paul has proven his mettle so far and there is nothing bad waiting for him round the corner if he gets it wrong. It could happen to anyone. Even an octopus can get it wrong! His record is not perfect, anyway, say his owners. Paul got it wrong in about 30% of Germany's games during the 2008 European Championship, including their loss to Spain in the final.

9/7/2010 2:55:52 PM Pat Stevens THE BURNING QUESTION

The level of crime around the World Cup had been incredibly low, organising committee chief Danny Jordaan said in Johannesburg on Friday. "It had been perhaps the lowest of any World Cup," he said at a media breakfast on the eve of the final matches of the tournament. "The police were efficient and the special courts were effective... the question is how do we maintain this?"


As I suggested they filled the Spanish box with a tasty Paella, and Paul naturally went for it, so the Spaniards pulled the same stunt on Friday. The best the Nederlands could come up with was stinky Afval, which made Paul turn his little beak up, so it’s not a matter of prophecy it’s a matter of taste. Put your money on Mani the Singaporean Prophetic Parrot, that Paul is nothing more than a slimy English mollusk, and the Germans are going turn him into Sushi.

9/7/2010 12:41:06 PM Pat Stevens THE PROPHET HAS SPOKEN

Mani the Singaporean Parakeet Prophet has chosen the Nederlands as the winner of the World Cup, Mani has already accurately forecast the World Cup's four quarter final games and Spain's semi final victory over Germany, it’s reported that Paul the Oracle Octopus has committed suicide by hanging himself by his tentacles.

9/7/2010 12:49:02 AM Pat Stevens I WARNED YOU

Not only did the rich ruin the world economy and bring misery to the poor, now they fly into Durban with their fancy executive jets, and stop the poor from watching the Spain/Germany game. Anyway, it’s not such a big deal, if you are Spanish you can watch your team in the final, if you are German you wouldn’t have wanted to see it anyway.

8/7/2010 3:36:20 PM Pat Stevens AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

A recent editorial of the Amnesty monthly magazine carried extracts of writers who defended those who were unjustly persecuted, among those cited was Alan Paton, which is interesting because I actually introduced Alan Paton to Amnesty International. The organisation was founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson and the early days were pretty rocky, because they annoyed the British government with allegations of military torture of the IRA, so Amnesty International desperately needed the influence of a famous writer and this is where yours truly came in.

In the late sixties I was an apprentice on the Johannesburg City Council, where I worked with a German exchange student who was a member of this new organization called Amnesty International, this German also happened to possess a really neat NATO Air Force jacket. So I agreed to introduce the student to Alan Paton in exchange for his jacket, Jonathan Paton was our neighbour so it was easy to arrange, yet when I look back on it one air force jacket was a really measly price for such a great introduction.

Amnesty International pride themselves on fairness and justice, and they also laud writers who defend those who are unjustly persecuted, which is exactly what I did for Jacob Zuma. So I wondered if Amnesty International would do a bit of publicity on my behalf, portray me in their Amnesty magazine as the South African Emile Zola, who likewise defended the beleaguered Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Maybe Amnesty International could even put me up for the Nobel Peace Prize, after all Bishop Tutu got one, and I have done far more than he ever did.

7/7/2010 5:44:10 PM Pat Stevens NOW YOU KNOW WHY JOURNALISTS PROTECT CRIMINALS, BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS THEMSELVES. Read this shocking revelation from News 24

Cape Town - Recent claims of reporters taking payments to write stories could be an indication of deeper corruption in the media, an Eastern Cape journalists' organisation said on Wednesday. The Mandela Bay Media Association was commenting on a confession by former Cape Argus political reporter Ashley Smith that he and a colleague took money to write favourable reports about then-premier Ebrahim Rasool.

The association, which counts local radio and print journalists among its members, said that if this was true, journalism practitioners should ask themselves very hard questions about ethics and the integrity of the profession. "The Media Association suspects also that there are entrenched and widespread corrupt schemes within the South African media which have their origin in the apartheid past," it said in a statement.

"(These) could be sustained into the present dispensation by some powerful groups for the profession and journalism to fail in its sacred duty to promote truth, help in fighting corruption and abuse of power and protect media freedom and freedom of expression." It said the Rasool affair should perhaps serve as the impetus for an independent investigation into "these incidents of unethical behaviour and several others that tarnish the image of journalism".

Somebody should really write a book about it?

7/7/2010 5:24:27 PM Pat Stevens TRIAL BY TELEVISION
The Nicholson Judgement - Starring Dennis Davis

Although we've heard all these wonderful things about the independence of the judiciary, I wonder whether the next time around crowds come to court, they will think if they shout loudly enough they will get the verdict they want.

7/7/2010 2:35:04 PM Pat Stevens Dear Vanessa Burger,

Thank you for your insightful post on the Friends of JZ, you have chosen the right website because the government read the Friends of JZ religiously, even Helen Zille is known to scan the site daily seeking out my latest barb against her. You wrote of the police enforcing draconian advertising measures imposed by Fifa, but the World Cup will be over in five days so this scenario will no longer exist Vanessa, let us rather all rise in thankful applause to Fifa and South Africa for organising a wonderful football tournament.

What did concern me was your observation that 'hotspots' will continue to be the focus of policing efforts in the future, and the concentration of police only in specific areas such as the beachfront, is of enormous concern to residents in the crime ravaged suburbs. I raised this concern at the beginning of the tournament, and warned householders to be on their guard, as the police concentration on ‘hotspots’ would make suburbs more vulnerable. It’s a thorny question Vanessa, lowering the incidence of crime against tourists brings in more tourists, more tourists mean more money which we can spend on hiring more police.

Whatever happens the Special Courts must stay in place, South Africa has proved that with some effort and will, it is possible to bring about the swift implementation of justice. The liberal newspapers can squeal as much as they want, if they are not careful both them and their liberal judge friends will be charged with genocide, I never want to read in the newspapers again of judges who release a violent rapist because the magistrate spoke nastily to him. This is not a philosophical game we are playing, it’s a matter of decent people being terrorised by murderous criminals, who are being protected by myopic bleeding heart liberals.

Television personality Dennis Davis was the leading light in the scrapping of the death penalty, he claimed the death penalty was so horrendous he invited anyone who supported it to watch one, yet curiously enough Dennis also maintained that the death penalty was no deterrent. Have you ever watched a baby being sodomized to death Dennis, have you ever heard an old man screaming while being tortured with hot irons, this callous liberal disregard for the plight of their own citizens is unmatched in the history of the world.

The ancient adage has always been a life for a life, if you rape a women and ruin her life then you will pay with your own life, if we don’t have the guts to execute you then we will imprison you for the rest of your natural life. If the liberals raise a hue and cry about cruel and unusual punishment, there is always the option of our new liberal euthanasia laws, the state can rig up the apparatus and the prisoner can push the button. In fact Dennis, if the rapist feels uncomfortable about this, then you can invite me and I will push the button myself.

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